About Wizard Drum Tool

Wizard Drum Tool was established in 1964 and operates as a division of Hydro-Thermal Corporation in Waukesha, WI. The inside cut deheader (F-Series) was designed by a local inventor in response to a need in the food industry to open tomato paste shipped in 55 gallon steel drums. An outside cut deheader (J-Series) was later developed as a focus for non-food industries, and our additional models and accessories soon followed.

Today, we offer a complete line of fiber drum dechimers and steel drum deheading equipment from manual units (for occasional use) to ratchet, electric and air powered units (moderate to high volume use) for use in any industry. Additional drum deheader accessories, such as bung wrenches and dekinkers, are available, as well as, all necessary replacement parts. Our technicians provide excellent customer service and technical solutions for any drum deheading issues.

We are proud to offer the only full line of drum deheading equipment, backed with unparalleled expertise and product support.